Christopher D. Carroll

Professor of Economics

Office: Mergenthaler Hall 441
Phone: (410) 516-7602
Fax: (410) 516-7600

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Christopher Carroll is Professor of Economics at the Johns Hopkins University, and Co-chair of the NBER Working Group on the Aggregate Implications of Microeconomic Consumption Behavior. A brief bio is available in html or pdf and a nontechnical research summary is also available in html or pdf.


Writing on the Global Financial Crisis and Other Topics:


Housing Wealth Effects:

Housing Wealth Effects Research

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Electronic Versions of All Papers
The Method of Endogenous Gridpoints for Solving Dynamic Stochastic Optimization Problems
Archive With Paper, Mathematica, and Matlab Software
Theoretical Foundations of Buffer Stock Saving
Mathematica Programs and Archive
The Epidemiology of Macroeconomic Expectations New In "The Economy as an Evolving Complex System, III"
Data and Programs
Macroeconomic Expectations of Households and Professional Forecasters Published in February 2003 issue of QJE
Data and Programs
A Theory of the Consumption Function, With and Without Liquidity Constraints.
[Journal of Economic Perspectives version]
[NBER Working Paper Version] (Harder than JEP version - appropriate for a graduate course)
[Mathematica Programs to Generate All Theoretical Results for Both Versions of the Paper]
[STATA Programs and Data to generate empirical results from 1995 SCF]
Death to the Log-Linearized Consumption Euler Equation!
Mathematica Programs
Mathematica Programs for "Precautionary Saving and the Marginal Propensity to Consume Out Of Permanent Shocks"
Mathematica Programs for "Saving and Growth with Habit Formation" and "Comparison Utility in a Growth Model"
Mathematica Programs for "Requiem for the Representative Consumer?" Mathematica Programs for Theoretical Results STATA Programs for Table 1
Portfolios of the Rich [Paper] [Software Archive and Data]
Solving Microeconomic Dynamic Stochastic Optimization Problems. Lecture Notes [PDF Version] Mathematica and Matlab Code
Solving Representative Agent Dynamic Stochastic Optimization Problems Lecture Notes [PDF Version] Mathematica Code


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