Yingyao Hu        颖尧

Professor of Economics

Johns Hopkins University


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Econometrics, Empirical industrial organization, Labor economics.

Microeconomic models with latent variables, Measurement error models.











The econometrics of unobservables: Applications of measurement error models in empirical industrial organization and labor economics accepted at Journal of Econometrics - special issue on measurement error


Lecture slides: The Econometrics of Unobservables



Nonparametric identification using instrumental variables: sufficient conditions for completeness








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On deconvolution as a first stage nonparametric estimator (with Geert Ridder), Econometric Reviews, vol. 29 (2010), issue 4, pages 1-32.



The fertility effect of catastrophe: U.S. hurricane births (with Rick Evans and Zhong Zhao), Journal of Population Economics, vol. 23 (2010), issue 1, pages 1-36. (2013 Kuznets Prize)



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Closed-form estimation of nonparametric models with non-classical measurement errors (with Yuya Sasaki), Journal of Econometrics, forthcoming










180.334 (Undergraduate Econometrics)

180.354 (Econometrics of Unobservables)

180.633 (Graduate Econometrics)

180.638 (Graduate Mirco-econometrics II)