Files for Carroll and Dunn (1997)

There are three zip files that contain the RATS and Mathematica code used to generate the results in "Unemployment Expectations, Jumping (S,s) Triggers, and Household Balance Sheets" by Chris Carroll and Wendy Dunn.

The zip files are as follows:

  • the original set of Mathematica programs for the model in the paper
  • updated Mathematica code to solve and simulate a simplified buffer stock model with only nondurables and two aggregate states
  • the RATS code used to generate all of the regression results in the paper, including regressions on the simulated data from the model as well as regressions on the U.S. data

The zip file contains a text file called PGMFLOW.TXT; this provides a rough outline of the Mathematica code and indicates where most of the functions are defined. The zip file contains a README.TXT file that explains all of the RATS programs.

Use of these files is permitted under the following conditions:

  1. Anyone using these files must include a citation of the paper in his or her work.
  2. Users of the files must not unduly burden the authors with questions about the code.