Christopher Carroll - Google Appointment Calendar

How to make an appointment for my office hours

  1. Log on to the calendar at with username: "" and the password which can be obtained from clicking on this Link and entering your JHED account information. (If you do not have a Johns Hopkins University login ID (LID), email me directly for the password you will need for logging into the Google calendar).

  2. Find a day that (1) does NOT show me as traveling (my public travel calendar should be visible) and (2) lists some "Office Hours", click, and a window will open asking you to "Create an event".

  3. Click on "Edit event details".

  4. In the "What" field, enter your surname (followed in parentheses by the beginning and ending times of the appointment). If you think I might not know exactly who you are, please enter some further information in the "Description" field.

  5. In the "When" field, uncheck "All day" and re-enter the exact times of the appointment.

  6. Click "Save" at the bottom of the page.

  7. MAKE SURE you follow the appointment rules displayed at the beginning of each week in the calendar. In particular, please be sure the "Main" office hours are filled before making an appointment during any "Extra" office hours.