Research Papers


* Identification and Estimation in Procurement Auctions under Unobserved Auction Heterogeneity,

Review of Economic Studies, 28 (2011); (Technical Appendix)

* Bid Preference Programs and Participation in Procurement, joint with Katja Seim;

American Economic Review, 101 (2011)

* Estimating of Auction Models with Multi-Dimensional Unobserved Heterogeneity,

International Economic Review, 53(3), 2012

* The Role of Quality in On-Line Service Markets, 2014, joint with Kyungchul Song and Xun Tang

* Dynamic Procurement Auctions with Subcontracting, 2014, joint with Przemek Jesiorski

* Trading Across Borders, 2014, joint with Christian Terwiesch and Lucia Tiererova

(under revision, a new version is coming soon)

* Estimating Unobserved Individual Heterogeneity through Pairwise Comparisons, 2014, with Kyunchul Song and Xun Tang

*  Choice of Product under Regulation: The Case of Chile Pension System, 2014, joint with Petra Todd

(under revision, a new version is coming soon)

*   Insurance Model with Adverse selection and Moral Hazard, 2013, with Przemek Jesiorski and Olivia Ceccarini

(under revision, a new version is coming soon) 



Work in Progress


* Bargaining in Medicare Market for Prescription Drugs, joint with Colleen Carey and Ying Fan

*  Ex-ante and Ex-post Subcontracting in Highway Procurement Markets, with Jorge Balat

* Cheap Talk in On-line Multi-Attribute Auctions, with Ying Chen, Johns Hopkins University

* Accounting for Subcontracting in Empirical Analysis of Dynamic Procurement Auctions, with Przemek Jesiorsky, and Katja Seim