Updating Job Market Candidates' Folders, EJM, Interfolio, AcademicJobsOnline, AEA, Federal Reserve Bank Instructions


    The "Job Market Computer Coordinator" or web liaision will set up a simple web folder for each job market candidate.
    For these instructions, assume that your name is "Firstname Middlename Lastname". The address of your individual web folder will be at:


    where "LastnameFM" is your last name and the initials of your first and middle names (assuming that you have a middle name).
    To access your folder map a network drive to \\www.econ2.jhu.edu\jobmarket$\YEAR
    You are responsible for updating the contents of your folder. Your folder contains the following sub-folders:

    • Abstract
    • CV
    • JobPaper
    • JobTalk
    • NonThesisPapers
    • OtherThesisPapers
    • Private

    and a template.txt file, where you will add information for your personal page. There are also relevant templates for your CV, abstracts, etc.... in the sub-folders. The individual webpages are linked to the Job Market Candidates web page.. You can view sample pages at http://www.econ2.jhu.edu/jobmarket/2016/RondaV/ and http://www.econ2.jhu.edu/jobmarket/2016/DengL/

    Uploading & Updating


    In order to make sure that no links on your job market page are dead, you need to follow a naming convention. All of your links must end in the following way:


    For example, suppose your CV is ready. Name your CV "CVLastnameFM" so that the link to your CV will be:


    If, for example, you have a JPE paper as your other thesis paper. Name this paper "JPELastnameFM" and its link will be:



    When you need to update files in your folder:
    • When updating files MAKE SURE that you do not change the name of the file or copy the files to a different folder; just replace the existing file with the updated one. This ensures that the links on your job market web page work.
    • When updating files REPLACE BOTH the .tex and .pdf files. After you update these files, email the web liaision.

    When you need to update your personal page:
    • Update your template.txt file and email the web liaision the corresponding changes. Be CLEAR about what changes you made, as all changes are updated manually by the web liaision.

    Further instruction of updating these folders, other related materials and a FAQ can be found at: http://www.econ.jhu.edu/people/ccarroll/JobMarket/


    If you need to connect to the folders from home please follow the instructions (you will need to replace the generic path in these instructions with the path given above) posted at:

    Instructions for connecting from a Mac are available at:
    Depending on the OS you are using your screens may be slightly different.

    If you encounter difficulties creating and/or maintaining your jobmarket folder contents, do not hesitate to contact the web liaision.

EJM Instructions

    General Procedure

    Information can be found at RecLetters. This service will be provided for JHU Economics professors and any outside reference letter writers who are willing to name Kasey as their proxy to upload letters.

    Multiple Letters

    A problem arises if you, the job candidate, needs multiple types of letters from the same reference (most commonly academic and non-academic references). Typically when a master/generic reference is uploaded, it will be automatically submitted to all employers/schools.

    Therefore we are currently handling this problem using two alternative procedures:
    Semi-Auto Solution:

    We will upload a master/generic reference which will be automatically submitted to all employers/schools. We then withdraw this reference from the non-academic institutions. You are responsible for letting Kasey know which non-academic institutions you have applied to, so that the wrong reference is withdrawn and replaced with the correct one[1].

    If you only have one generic letter from a faculty member, that is the letter that will be uploaded and sent out automatically. If you need another type of reference letter (non-academic, research, teaching) sent out, you are responsible for letting Kasey know which type of letter needs to uploaded to what site and to which places you are applying. You will convey this type of information on each spreadsheet that will be emailed to Kasey.

    Manual Solution:
    For the students:
    • Let the staff know beforehand, or as soon as possible, that you are going to use EJM for academic as well as non-academic applications AND that you will be getting more than one recommendation letter from one or more recommenders. Supply the names of the recomenders with multiple letters.
    • Provide a spreadsheet stating which institutions will receive each kind of reference letter.
    For staff:
    • For students who will receive ONLY ONE recommendation letter from each recommender use the "Submit Letter for Automatic Delivery" option and upload a "Default letter" for each recommender.
    • For students who will receive more than one recommendation letter per recommender DO NOT use the "Submit Letter for Automatic Delivery" option. Instead click on the "show applications" link. Use the "submit letter" link to submit the appropriate letter for each institution.
    • In case you used the "Default letter" option for a candidate and later they received more than one letter of recommndation per recommender choose the "Disable Automatic Delivery" option for that particular recommender. Click on "show applications". Choose the "update letter" option and replace the submitted default letter with the new one for each institution according to the spreadsheet provided by the candidates.
    • 1. Note that the possibility of the employers getting both, or the wrong kind of reference is almost non existent because of the way EJM works. References are not actually sent to the employers - the employers check EJM and either reviews it online or downloads the materials at some point - most likely after the search deadline.

    Interfolio Instructions

    Instructions for using Interfolio for letters of recommendation:

    1. Indicate that you are going to use Interfolio in your spreadsheets (AppSubmitMethod, RecLetterSendGroup).
    2. Wait for an email from Kasey indicating that she has received ALL your letters of recommendation. Kasey will tell you if you have multiple letters of recommendation from a specific faculty member as well as the type of recommendation (E.g. generic, academic, non-academic, etc...). DO NOT PROCEED with the recommendation requests if you don't know the type of recommendation letter you are getting from each specific faculty member.
    3. When entering the recommendation requests in Interfolio please make sure to:
    4. a. Start the recommendation request by going to "Letters" in the left menu bar.
      b. Enter the name of your recommender as Kasey Bocek and econ@jhu.edu as her e-mail for each recommendation request. You need to do this as many times as the number of recommendation letters you are expecting to have.
      c. For each recommendation request, specify under "Document Title" the recommenderís actual name (e.g. Dr. Laurence Ball) and the type of the recommendation letter (generic, academic, non-academic. etc.) per Kasey's e-mail.
      For example, if Kasey emailed you that Professor Ball wrote you both academic and non-academic letters of recommendation, one of your document titles would be: Dr. Laurence Ball_non-academic recommendation and another would be Dr. Laurence Ball_academic recommendation.
      d. "Description" - leave blank.
      e. "Message to Recommender" - leave as is.
      f. Under "Recommendation Type" there are two choices - General and Specific position. Only choose "Specific position" and enter the recommender actual name along with the type of the reference letter (generic, academic, non-academic. etc...).
      For example: Dr. Laurence Ball_non-academic recommendation
      g. "Due date" - this is irrelevant, just choose a date a few days ahead. Your actual deadlines are already included in the spreadsheets sent to Kasey.

    All Interfolio reference letters will be uploaded to Interfolio directly by Kasey, including the ones from external recommenders.

    AcademicJobsOnline - AJO

    Instructions for using AcademicJobsOnline:

    After all reference letters for each student are received, Kasey will make 1 PDF file of all letters and upload their file to the AJO site. The student will be allowed to see when this upload is complete. For example: Prof x - Prof y and Prof z (3 generic ref letters) This service will be provided for JHU Economics Professors and external reference writers.

    American Economic Association - AEA

    Instructions for using American Economic Association:

    Students who are using AEA must inform their JHU Economics Department reference writer to go to www.aeaweb.org and set up a surrogate for their reference letters. The surrogate name is Kasey Bocek and the email address is econ@jhu.edu. This service will be provided for JHU Economics professors and external reference writers if they are willing to name Kasey as a surrogate.

    Federal Reserve Bank

    Instructions for Federal Reserve Bank:

    Students will give Kasey their file naming requirements for their letters which they will obtain directly from the Federal Reserve Bank. For example: 576024_233025_JonathanWright.


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