180.302 -- Macroeconomic Theory

This course surveys theories of the behavior of aggregate economic variables such as output, unemployment, and inflation. There are two 75-minute lectures per week and one section meeting per week. The course requirements are weekly problem sets (10% of grade), midterms in class on February 28 and April 9 (25% each), and a final exam (40%).

The text is Mankiw, Macroeconomics (8th ed.). Much of the course will follow the text (see the syllabus for more details), but we will skip some chapters (and parts of chapters) and add some advanced topics. Lecture notes will be provided for the additional topics.

All materials besides the Mankiw text will be posted on this website, which will also include administrative information about the course.

Time/Location: Tuesday & Thursday 9-10:15am, Shaffer 3
Instructor: Professor Laurence Ball
Office: Mergenthaler 431
Office Hours: by appointment
E-mail: lball@jhu.edu

Johns Hopkins University Department of Economics Johns Hopkins University Department of Economics